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10 Benefits of Waste as a Source of Energy

Conversion of waste to energy falls low in the hierarchy of waste management. It is less preferred in comparison to reduce, reuse and recycle. But in present times it may not always be possible to follow the 3Rs in many cases. Also, what are the options for managing waste after it has already been created […]

Bioenergy Basics and the Indian Senario

Bioenergy is the energy contained in living organisms. Plants get bioenergy through photosynthesis while animals get it by consuming plants. Organic material containing bioenergy is known as biomass. Bioenergy consists of organic matter derived from trees, plants, crops or from human, animal, municipal and industrial wastes. In India, Bio energy occupies a significant share of […]

3 Ways You Can Have a Green Business

With growing awareness among consumers for eco-friendly products, it is becoming highly important for businesses to adopt and implement green strategies. It’s not only the requirement of customers but also compliance to regulations and reduction in operating costs that drive the implementation of environment-friendly methods in business. On the face of it, it appears to […]

Waste to Energy

Urban India produces 55 million tones of municipal solid waste and 38 billion litres of sewage annually. Further, large amounts of waste are produced by industries. Waste generation in India is growing at a very fast pace and is expected to rise rapidly in the future. This has mainly been due to industrialization, increase in […]

Renewable Energy in India – An Overview

India is one of the largest economies of the world and one of the fastest growing countries in terms of energy consumption. There is always an ever-increasing thirst of power and energy. Currently, we have an installed power generation capacity of 185.5 GW out of which renewable energy accounts for 10.80%. At the same time […]

Welcome to Melting Coal

Welcome to Melting Coal – your partner towards a sustainable future. Melting Coal is an engineering, consulting and construction company. Melting Coal provides solutions for carbon reduction, renewable energy and sustainability. The aim of Melting Coal is to help it’s clients reduce carbon emissions and operating costs by implementing sustainable energy. We are currently working […]