3 Ways You Can Have a Green Business

With growing awareness among consumers for eco-friendly products, it is becoming highly important for businesses to adopt and implement green strategies. It’s not only the requirement of customers but also compliance to regulations and reduction in operating costs that drive the implementation of environment-friendly methods in business.

On the face of it, it appears to be an expensive and cumbersome process. On the contrary it is quite easy to have a green business. In this post we look at some easily applicable methods for helping you develop your business into a “green business”.

1. Carbon reduction

The first and easiest step towards going green is the reduction in carbon footprint of your organization. Carbon footprint should be calculated and then reduced by taking some simple measures like:

  • Focusing on direct as well as indirect emissions;
  • Implementing cost-effective and energy efficient technologies; and
  • Developing low carbon energy sources.

These steps will ensure carbon reduction and also cut down expenses.

2. Energy management

The second important step is to save energy. This includes assessing, controlling and conserving energy.

  • We first monitor the amount of energy being consumed;
  • We then analyse the amount of energy being wasted and the amount that can be conserved; and
  • Finally we take action.

Energy management involves getting a detailed data of the energy consumption patterns and keeping a check on the conservation progress. In simple terms, energy management means reducing waste and promoting recycling.

3. Alternative energy

If we take look around, nature provides us with an endless supply of alternative energy in the form of solar, wind, hydro energy and so on. Alternative energy is not only environmental friendly but also economical at the same time. For instance, if you switch to green power, there will be a considerable reduction in carbon emission as well as the electricity bill. A solar panel on the roof of your building can take care of most of your basic energy needs. Alternative energy facilities require less maintenance and produce little or no waste products. And most importantly it is sustainable and will never run out.

So, think smart, go green, BE the change!


  1. Fairly lucid and if you got your motivation right and want to know how the industry leaders have leveraged their green initiatives, do attend the Annual Summit of the Sustainability Business Leadership Forum. For details visit: http://sblf.sustainabilityoutlook.in/annual-summit-2012/about-2012-summit

    1. Thanks for the info. The event does look quite interesting.

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