Energy Management Makes Perfect Business Sense

Managing and reducing energy saves money, helps fight climate change and enhances corporate reputation. Energy management makes perfect business sense.

According to the Carbon Trust,

“Energy management is the systematic use of management and technology to improve an organisation’s energy performance. It needs to be integrated, proactive, and incorporate energy procurement, energy efficiency and renewable energy to be fully effective.”

The prime objective of Energy Management is to achieve and maintain optimum energy procurement and utilisation, throughout the organisation which helps minimise energy costs/waste without affecting production & quality and minimise environmental effects.

Why is Energy Management Important?

Global Need to Save Energy

Globally we need to save energy to:

  • Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels whose supplies are diminishing very fast; and
  • Reduce the adverse effect on the environment and save the earth.

Controlling Energy Use in Your Organisation

Energy management is key to saving energy in your organisation. Reducing and controlling energy in your organisation is important as it enables you to:

  • Reduce costs: Reducing cost is the most compelling reason for saving energy. Most organisations can save up to 20% on their fuel cost by better managing their energy use;
  • Reduce carbon emissions: Reducing energy helps reduce carbon emissions and the adverse environmental effects. Reducing your organisations carbon footprint helps build a green sustainable image and helps the bottom line; and
  • Reduce risk: Reducing energy use helps reduce risk of energy price fluctuations and supply shortages.

Fulfill Legislation and Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory requirements aiming to reduce carbon emissions and energy use require accurate energy data collection and effective management systems. Good energy management practices are compliant with these requirements and help fulfil regulatory obligations.

Energy Management Leads to Cost-Effective Decision Making

Carbon emissions from energy use dominate the total greenhouse gas emissions of most organisations. Sound energy management is hence an integral part of carbon management which in turn helps organisations in effective overall environmental management

Enhance Corporate Image

In addition to financial benefits, good energy management has various other significant advantages for an organisations image:

  • Organisations achieve stronger market position by demonstrating ‘green’ credentials. Energy management improves competitive advantage as most consumers prefer to source from socially responsible business;
  • Organisations adopting energy management systems can influence supply chains by preferring suppliers who adopt environment management practices; and
  • It also creates a better workplace environment for employees by improving working conditions.

What energy management practices does your organisation implement and what benefits have you seen stem out of these?

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